Women attractiveness greatly depends on her hair. You have probably met at least once in your life attractive ladies but with a wrong haircut. It spoils everything. The older a woman becomes, the more important is to choose the right hairstyle. It can either add years or turn into a young girl. One and the same cut can be adorable and terrible but on different people.  But when you are in your 60’s you want to look younger. Are there any secrets to help you?  

Key things to consider 

  1. Face. It is obvious that face shape makes difference. Some styles look great. Others might make you look bad. You can try various apps to try check how you look with a specific haircuts. 
  2. Age. Select hairstyle that suit your age. Long haircuts usually do not suit elderly women.
  3. Hair structure. Remember that hair structure is essential. Pixie cut will not look good on women with having thick hair. Layered cut will not look good with wavy hair too.
  4. Convenient to do. Choose haircuts that do not take much time to do in the morning. You definitely do not want to waste a lot of time on doing hair even if you do not work.
  5. Experiments. It is ok to try something new but do not be radical. Women, who want to try a short haircut, are  not advised to cut it short fully. Try to do it step by step to get used to changes. Moreover, you will have a chance to understand whether you really want it. 
  6. Emphasize. New haircut has to make you look better. Oval face women are recommended to avoid hairstyles that make face look longer. These are usually long haircuts or bob cuts. If you are not sure which is good for you, try out various hairstyle in mobile apps. 
  7. Trends. Do not forget about the trends. If you are in your mid 50s-60s it does not mean forgetting about trends. Check magazines  to keep up with trends.
  8. Short hair. Short hair is convenient and tends to suit everybody. Women usually choose it because they do not want to waste time in the morning. But remember that it can make round faces rounder. 
  9. Bang. Bangs can add a fresh look to your hairstyle. But, it can be a disaster for women with wavy hair. 
  10. Talk to an expert. When choosing a new haircut, talk to your hairdresser. He will help you select a great hairstyle as he has profound expertize.

Choosing a hairstyle seems to be a simple task but it is not. Women’s attractiveness greatly depends on her hair. Make the right choice!