Dark hair has always been, is and will be in trend. Hair of dark shades looks always relevant and fashionable. Many Hollywood stars, such as Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johanson, and others, went “on the dark side” by choosing beautiful and deep dark hair.

Beautiful haircuts that look great on dark hair are back in trend. Confirmation of this – numerous photos of famous people “from the cover”, who chose this image. Strands of all shades of black and brown emphasize the subtle features of the face, emphasize the femininity and charisma of its owner. Brunettes should not miss the opportunity to create the perfect image. To do this, you should decide on a haircut.

Today more than ever bob haircuts of different lengths and variations are relevant. Shoulder strands are universal: just take care of them, and you can also afford a wide variety of styles. This length is suitable for any look: from romantic to business.

Which haircut can you choose if you have dark hair?

  • Extended bob. The elongated bob keeps its shape and does not require special styling. This may be the classic version with a smooth cut or graduated hairstyle with accented strands. A standard bob will suit women with oval face shape, and a “torn” hairstyle will visually hide excessive roundness of cheeks.
  • Bob with a bang. This haircut is best suited to owners of thin hair. However, if you choose a bob with a bang, you need to remember about the timely styling, as well as regular washing of hair. As for the shape of the face, the bob of such a variation is perfect for girls with a triangular and oval shape.
  • Cascade. It can be a kind of graded bob with a side parting. This haircut will suit the owners of almost any face shape, from round to triangular. Performance of a hairstyle does not depend on the density of hair. In addition, dark shades of hair will give your hair depth and gloss. 
  • Bob “on the leg”. This haircut blends perfectly with dark hair. The smoothness and brilliance of dark shades look in combination with this hairstyle is very advantageous. However, the haircut is not devoid of a certain rigor. This is a kind of bob “on the leg” business card: the temples and the back of the head are shaved short, and the rest of the strands are aligned at one angle. If you choose such a haircut, it is important for you not to forget about the regular correction at the hairdresser, because it grows extremely quickly.

Each of the presented haircuts, regardless of the length and shape, the presence or absence of bangs, requires constant and careful care. It is important to remember not only about timely visits to the hairdresser but also about regular home care, which includes proper hair washing, careful styling, sufficient moisture, and nutrition.