A short haircut is a perfect step to change, both internal and external. Hair instantly gains shape and structure, lightness and airiness, and at the same time, you gain new inner senses. 

So, which short haircuts are most popular in the new season?

  • Bob. A haircut that has gained popularity due to the stylish Victoria Beckham. The asymmetry and the elongated strands to the chin do not lose their positions, but now relevant is the equal cut of the length to the middle of the neck, just above or below — a bob-cut or an elongated bob.
  • Pixie. A short haircut, which in 2019 replaced the carelessness and ruffled strands with an orderly styling with bangs on the forehead. Preference should be given to options with elongated strands of the face, which can be laid in various ways – combing back, hiding behind the ear or laying like a fringe.

A very important step when choosing your short haircut is to determine the shape of the face. If you have an oval face, then absolutely any short haircut will suit you. Women with a triangular face shape should choose haircuts with soft features and transitions. This will add to the face of softness and smoothness. This can be a bob with a slanting bang, cascading haircut, garson. Square-faced women should avoid clear lines. An elongated bob, oblique bangs, haircuts with strands near the face, side parting will help make the face softer.

Features of daily styling

Everyday styling is rather important for short haircuts. However, there are haircuts that do not require daily manipulation of styling. Fashionable haircuts for short hair that do not require styling, the most popular. They are chosen by those who are not ready for the daily routine to create hairstyles.

The master must study the structure of your hair and note the characteristics of their growth in order to choose the right haircut that can be done with fingers and a comb. The easiest way for those women who have naturally smooth and thick hair. They can choose almost all the proposed options: from ultra-short pixie to elongated bob. The exception is the bob with lengthening, here it is important to set the hairdryer in the correct direction to the front strands. For women with the wavy and curly hair the best solution will be bob without bangs; short bob; garcon with active faceting; pixie; cascade.

So, short haircuts to the chin will be the perfect solution for you if you want to look modern, fashionable and stylish. They not only give your look a gloss but also facilitate hair care. The main thing is to simply find “your” short haircut. Now you know, how not to get lost in the variety of beautiful short female haircuts, about the features of which you can read on the site just by following the link.

The important point is to choose the right shampoo that suits your hair type; regular use of nourishing and moisturizing masks, as well as care with the help of folk remedies. When rinsing it is useful to use herbal teas. Then the beauty and shine of your hair will last for a long time. A haircut and well-groomed hair will delight you for a long time.